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Small business is the backbone of everything in Ontario. Your business is the backbone of everything in Ontario—and it deserves all the support it needs.

That’s where comes in. We’re here to support small businesses in Ontario with the protective and cost-effective shipping mailers they need. No fluff, no filler, just high-quality packaging that’ll do right by your business, your products, and your customers.

Why choose

That’s a great question. You’ve got no shortage of options when it comes to shopping for mailers online, it’s true. But there’s only one you, and only one, and here’s why we’re exactly what you’re looking for.

A Smart Shipping Mailers Lineup

Life is busy, so we want shopping to be as quick and painless as possible for you. We’ve created a simple and powerful lineup of the most useful and in-demand mailers. Choose the style that fits your shipping needs, head through checkout, and get on with running your business.

Not sure which mailers are right for you? Check out the rest of the blog or reach out to us.

Kraft Bubble Mailers

A kraft bubble mailer sits on a teal background.
These are the most common and economical mailer style. Kraft bubble mailers are made from paper and lined with bubble cushion to keep them lightweight without skimping on protection. You can choose from recycled golden kraft or clean white paper options.

Poly Bubble Mailers

A poly bubble mailer sits on a teal background.
These bubble cushion mailers use white polyethylene plastic in place of kraft paper. Poly bubble mailers are more resistant to damage from moisture, tearing, puncturing, and tampering, while still being lightweight and protective.

Poly Mailers

A poly mailer sits on a teal background.
Also called courier bags, these are unlined mailers that don’t include bubble cushion. Poly mailers are ideal for products that don’t need as much protection, like boxed goods (such as shoes) or soft goods (such as clothing). You can choose from white or colour options.

Rigid Mailers

A rigid mailer sits on a teal background.
Also called chipboard mailers, they’re made from laminated fiberboard. Rigid mailers help prevent bending, folding, or creasing during shipping. They’re best for low profile products that need to stay flat like magazines, documents, greeting cards and more.

Paper Padded Mailers

A paper padded mailer sits on a teal background.
If you’re looking to avoid plastic, these mailers are an excellent alternative. Paper padded mailers have internal fiber padding that expands as the mailer’s handled, helping to absorb shock and shipping damage. Best of all, they’re eco friendly and curbside recyclable.

Eco Friendly Mailers Options

We’re all about choices when it comes to mailer shopping. That’s why we’ve made sure our lineup includes sustainable packaging options.

Whether you’re looking for the strength of rigid mailers or the cushioning of paper padded mailers, our eco friendly options are just what eco conscious businesses are looking for. They go easy on the environment, they’re curbside recyclable for your customers, and they don’t sacrifice anything when it comes to protecting your shipments.

Free Shipping Ontario-Wide

That’s right, all orders get free shipping across Ontario with no order minimums!

A Blog All About Mailers—And More

There’s plenty to learn about the world of mailers. We’ve made sure our blog is filled with the knowledge and insight you’ll need to take full advantage of them.

But we don’t just stop there. It’s an ecommerce-based world out there, so we cover the tips and tricks your business needs to stand out, get ahead, and keep your customers coming back to you.

Shipping Calculators

It’s no secret that delivery costs keep going up every year. That’s why it’s so important to optimize your packaging choices and find ways to save your business as much money as possible.

We’ve brought together three of the most valuable shipping calculators out there. They’ll help you find the right bubble mailer, figure out your shipment’s DIM weight, and see what delivery boxes your chosen mailer size can fit into.

Bubble Mailers Calculator

Struggling to find the right bubble mailer? Simply tell us the size of your product and we’ll show you both the kraft bubble mailer and poly bubble mailer that’s best for you.

Try the bubble mailers calculator now.

DIM Weight Calculator

Wondering how to figure out dim weight? Just enter the size of your shipment and we’ll show you its dim weight at four of the most popular delivery carriers.

Try the dim weight calculator now. It works for boxes, too!

Right Mailers™ Calculator

Looking to increase your chances of First Delivery (that is, delivery on the first try)? Let us know the size of your shipment and we’ll show you the delivery boxes it can fit into.

Try the Right Mailers calculator now. It works for boxes, too! is Here to Help You Find the Ecommerce Mailers You Need

With a smart and simple lineup featuring eco friendly options and free shipping Ontario-wide, is making mailer shopping as easy as possible. We’re Ontario’s #1 online source for shipping mailers.

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